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Certificates after completing

Accesibilidad a través de tus sentidos

We Teach Design & Marketing


Creemos que cualquier persona tiene derecho a disfrutar lo que elige ver, es por ello que realizamos un trabajo de calidad para ti y hacemos accesibles e incluyentes los contenidos para todos.

What we teach

Nuestros Valores

Videography and Outdoor Shootings
eCommerce Photography Course
Introduction to Basic Photo Editing
innovative directions

Nuestra Misión

Garantizar la accesibilidad a los contenidos audiovisuales para todas las personas, sea cual sea su condición auditiva o visual.

The assignment is challenging, but so valuable! Having such a great template allows us to write better structured code – you begin to believe that you will make a proper specialist one day.

Naomi Archibald

Santa Fe, NM

What a terrific project! Lots of practice backed up by plenty of theory ensures everyone gets a solid understanding of the subject. I also appreciate that the course can be taken online – makes all the difference!

Laura Bowman

Fresno, CA

Before starting the training, I already had some design skills. You helped me structure all this knowledge, which allowed me to begin my professional design career. Could not believe how fast I was offered a job!

Victor Addington

Albany, NY
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